For Ilchester 3rd-grader, `writing is always fun'

Student achiever

March 21, 2001

The student: Alison Spatz, 8

School: Ilchester Elementary

Special achievement: One of two third-graders chosen to represent the school in the State of Maryland International Reading Association Young Authors' Writing Contest in December. Alison wrote a short story about "a very talented dog named Ace," who travels to the moon and meets various creatures there. "One was a three-eyed black toed turtle," Alison writes. "And that wasn't even close to how exciting it was to see the three-headed, 15-eyed, 24-legged alien."

What was her inspiration?: "I just really like aliens, and dogs are my favorite animals."

When does she write?: In addition to school assignments, Alison loves to write on her own. "Sometimes I'm bored and when I'm at a boring part in a book, so I can't read, and then when my mom and dad are busy and I can't play games, so I just write stories and I really get into it."

Will she continue to write?: "I think I'll keep on writing till I'm dead, 'cause writing is always fun and you can do anything in it. You don't always have to go by the rules."

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