Will loss of Belle bring O's ticket rebate? As Peter...


March 18, 2001

Will loss of Belle bring O's ticket rebate?

As Peter Angelos indicated that re-signing Mike Mussina would cause a rise in ticket prices, I assume the retirement of Albert Belle should cause a reduction.

At $13 million per year divided by about 3.2 million fans, that would work out to about $4 per seat per game. I'm sure all ticket holders are eagerly awaiting the announcement from Mr. Angelos and the soon-to-follow refund.

Eric Eichhorn Ellicott City

Non-Lethal Task Force not `dog-and-pony show'

Candus Thomson is being very unfair to people who oppose the additional killing of deer in Maryland ("State's deer take grows by 9 percent," March 11).

Instead of objectively reporting on people who have formed the Non-Lethal Task Force on Wildlife, she chides them as a "dog-and-pony show" for giving an alternative opinion at the legislature in Annapolis.

Ms. Thompson goes on to say that "16 people are sitting around trying to think up ways to make the deer go away" and that "maybe the state should buy them bus tickets to New Jersey."

Perhaps it is Ms. Thomson who should buy a bus ticket to New Jersey. There is another side to deer population management in Maryland other than revising regulations to make it easier for hunters to shoot more of them.

This position should be presented in a fair-minded way, not ridiculed on the whim of a writer's conviction.

David Boyd White Hall

Flaw in Terps' armor lack of 3-point attack

It has become painfully obvious that the Maryland basketball team's weakness is the lack of a controlled perimeter game. It is great and makes good sense to prioritize your inside game, but you must be able to adjust when that approach is shut down.

Witness the George Mason game, among others.

Duke's success is recognizing its weapons, thus allowing it to shoot 30 to 40 three-point shots a game, with the knowledge that if it is on initially, it will blow you out early. If not, it will eventually turn the tide against you.

Maryland took 10 three-point shots against George Mason on Thursday, and most of those were rushed as opposed to designed. This may eventually be the Terps' Achilles' heel. One may not be a fan of the three-point shot, but as long as it's here, you may as well take advantage of it.

Rick Marcel Woodstock

More to auto racing than just NASCAR

On Sundays, The Sun runs a column by Sandra McKee: "On Motor Sports." It's the wrong title, however, because all she reports on is NASCAR.

Enough already. There is more to the sport than NASCAR.

I have been following Formula One racing for more than 40 years, and even now I can't get any information on that circuit.

Why can't your reporters give us fans a few stories on Formula One?

Larry Zimlin Baltimore

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