Zoo Zone

March 14, 2001

What's for dinner?

Cheetahs eat gazelle, wildebeest and other hoofed animals.

Serengeti Sprinter...

Cheetahs are the fastest animal on land and can sprint up to 60 mph. Living mainly in Africa, the cheetah is different from other big cats because of its small head, flattened ears and lean build. The cheetah will hunt during the day, while most cats are nocturnal (night-time) hunters. Cheetahs will only drink water once every four to ten days.

Do you know?

How big is a litter of cheetahs?

Answer: Cheetah litters range from one to eight cubs

Learn more!

Visit the cheetah at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Catch Up, Little Cheetah" by Michele Coxon.

Wild facts

1. A cheetah will stalk an animal for hours before it is close enough to chase the prey (food).

2. The cheetah will chase an animal for an average of 20 seconds.

3. There are only approximately 25,000 cheetahs left in Africa.

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