Zoo Zone

March 07, 2001

What's for dinner?

Monitor lizards eat grasshoppers, snails, birds eggs, fish, snakes, other lizards and squirrels.

Leapin' Lizard

Monitor lizards come in many different sizes, including the Komodo dragon, the largest living lizard. Ranging from 10 to 362 pounds, monitor lizards swallow their food whole much like a snake. Monitors live in rocky and sandy deserts, savannahs and in forests.

While they spend most of their life on land, monitors have been known to swim or climb in search of food.

Do you know?

Where do monitor lizards live?

Answer: Monitor lizards live in Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Learn more!

Visit the monitor lizards at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Komodo!" by Peter Sis.

Wild facts?

1. Many species of monitors hold their head up on their long neck, giving them the appearance of being alert.

2. The Cape and Bengal species become dormant (sleep) during periods of drought or cool weather.


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