Condon demonstrates perseverance, leadership

Student achiever

March 07, 2001

The student: Kathleen Condon, 17

School: Oakland Mills High School

Special achievement: Student government president for the second straight year, Kathleen is a member of the school's Peer Leaders group, Spirit Club, Italian Club, School Improvement Team and Human Relations Committee. She is also the yearbook editor and a National Honor Society member. An accomplished athlete, she runs track, plays varsity soccer and lacrosse, and is one of four students on Howard County's Interscholastic Athletic Advisory Committee. She works part-time as a swim coach for Columbia Swim Center.

What her principal says: "Kathleen has been there as a participant, a leader and a role model," writes Marshall Peterson. She is "very clearly the leader" in the school's "pro-active approach toward school unity ... over the last two years."

Did it all come easily?: Kathleen ran for class president in her freshman and sophomore years and lost each time. "And I really wanted, you know, to put my tail between my legs and just kind of hide," Kathleen says. "But my social studies teacher said, `Kathleen, I see so much potential in you. Don't let this discourage you.'" So she mustered the courage to run for student government president in her junior year, and she won. "It was the best feeling," she says. "It was like finally everything I've done for the past two years - it pays off."

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