New yogurt experiences Bothered by lumps in your...


March 07, 2001

New yogurt experiences

Bothered by lumps in your yogurt? Dannon has introduced two new products that promise the smoothest yogurt experiences yet. La CrM-hme is a mild, slightly sweet yogurt, and Frusion is a creamy drink made from fruit juice and yogurt. La CrM-hme retails for $1.99 for four 4-ounce cups, and 10-ounce Frusion drinks go for $1.49.

Cooking in big leagues

Baltimore chef Cindy Wolf and her husband and partner, Tony Foreman, will play the gastronomical equivalent of Carnegie Hall next week when they present a dinner at the James Beard House in New York. Wolf will prepare a six-course meal, and each course will be accompanied by a wine chosen by Foreman.

Meat-storage tip

Storing meat on a rimmed baking sheet helps keep refrigerator shelves sanitary and allows other foods, such as fruit and vegetables, to be placed on the same shelf without risk of contamination, according to a recent issue of Cook's Illustrated.- Liz Atwood

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