Local bands to perform at Howard High fund-raiser


March 05, 2001|By Karen Nitkin | Karen Nitkin,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

HOWARD HIGH School is putting on a show to raise money for new marching-band uniforms. The show, "March Music Madness II," will feature the local bands Detain, Mr. Vas Deferens, Tim Kay/Charlie Mewshaw & Lauren Bitler, Drone, the Venkmans and Mop Attack.

The groups will play in the school gym from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday. Chaperones and two security guards will be present. Admission is $5. Tickets will be sold at the door, beginning at 6:45 p.m.

Sue Craig, a marching-band mother, said a similar event last year attracted about 200 students.

This year, there will be one stage instead of three, she said. Although the three-stage system used last year eliminated down time for setting up the instruments, Craig said, the stages were cramped. This year, bands will share some of the instruments, so the time between sets should be short.

Raising money for band uniforms is a continuing project, Craig said. The old uniforms are 16 years old and suffering the effects of too many cleanings and tailorings. The total cost for uniforms is close to $40,000, Craig said. To make the task of raising the money less daunting, band families have been divided into 10 teams, each working to raise $4,000.

Craig's team, which organized the music fest, includes six other families.

"In addition, we have many other band parents that come on the night of band fest to help chaperone," Craig said. Last year, she added, about 25 parents chaperoned.

Most of the performers attend local high schools or are recent graduates. Mandy Koch, a junior at Howard and a member of Drone, recruited the bands for the event.

"We got all local bands," she said. "My band plays shows, and we have a lot of friends. We just basically talk around, and everybody helps each other out."

She is pleased with the variety of musical styles that will be represented at the concert. Drone and Detain are rock-influenced, she said, while the Venkmans and Mop Attack play ska - upbeat reggae-inspired music. Mr. Vas Deferens plays ska but without brass instruments. And Tim Kay/Charlie Mewshaw & Lauren Bitler play mellower acoustics.

Musicians in Mr. Vas Deferens are Jason Lobe, Jeff Lobe and Andrew Russel. Detain's players are Dave Mills, Paul Mills, John Philyaw and Butch Tolle. The other members of Drone are Brian Mirsch, Dylan Kates and Scott Miner.

Members of the Venkmans are Matt Miller, David Craig, Andy Craig, Jeremy Cavey and Russ Osborn. Musicians in Mop Attack are Danny Costa, Robby Levin, Jeremy Flynn, Danny Russell, Veronika Szabo, Brandon Korch, Matt Balan, Alvin Charity and James McNamara.

And the members of Tim Kaye/Charlie Mewshaw & Lauren Bilter are, that's right, Tim Kaye, Charlie Mewshaw and Lauren Bilter.

Honor society auction

Centennial High School is holding a slightly more sedate fund-raising event. The National Honor Society will have its annual auction at 7 p.m. tomorrow in the school cafeteria.

About 120 of the school's students are in the society and all are required to participate in the auction, said Nancy Jeschke, a math teacher at Centennial who organized the event.

"The auction is just a fun evening where students donate services or something they make," she said.

Students can auction such services as cooking and delivering a meal or fixing a computer.

"Last year, I purchased a musical trio that played at my father-in-law's 80th birthday," Jeschke said.

Money from the event goes to a cause or charity. This year, profits will be given to cancer organizations, Jeschke said.

The auction lasts about two hours and usually raises about $2,000. The auctioneer will be Nick Klingaman, a senior.

Buy books, hear music

Buy books, hear music and support Worthington Elementary School by shopping at the Barnes & Noble in the Long Gate Shopping Center, Ellicott City, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Pupils playing string instruments will entertain visitors, while faculty and parents read books in the children's department.

The musicians are Ciera Abbate, Kate Albertini, Tyler Foell, Frank Grivel, Victoria Jung, Alicia Kelch, Christina Kern, Andrew Kim, Joseph Na, Pejmon Pahsai, Nicole Pham, Caitlin Pomerantz, Kevin Shin, Maria Souza, Sean Symon, Rebecca Wilson, David Zimmerman on violin. On viola will be Richie Case, Josh Dittman and Brian Eads.

Also performing will be the Ellicott Mills Middle School String Quartet: Rachel Eads, Jennifer Leung, Tina Zhang and Rebecca Watts.

The school will have a dedicated register at the bookstore and will receive 20 percent of sales rung up at it.

Something interesting

Pupils in the Gifted and Talented program at Elkridge Elementary School always seem to be up to something interesting.

Fifth-graders Gary Templar, David Bateman, Nick Bond and Dalen McKinney recently organized a Lego day.

About 50 pupils brought building blocks to school and worked in the gym during recess. The boys demonstrated how to make helicopters, planes, space crafts and cars.

The finished products are in the display case in the school lobby.

Fifth-graders Kim Jolly, Madison Miller and Christina George have been learning about the newspaper business by creating a quarterly newspaper called the Essence of Elkridge.

Good luck to these young journalists.

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