Loss of Earnhardt devastating for NASCAR We want to...


March 04, 2001

Loss of Earnhardt devastating for NASCAR

We want to thank Sandra McKee for her coverage of NASCAR auto racing. She is truly a great asset to all of us race fans and to The Sun.

We are truly devastated by the death of Dale Earnhardt, and this hurt will last for many years. He was a legend in our time and will always be recognized as the greatest person in auto racing.

There will be many more NASCAR Winston Cup races, but they will never be the same without Earnhardt.

Dale's son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., hopefully will someday fill his father's shoes and achieve what his father set out for - that eighth Winston Cup championship victory.

Walter and Mary Weber Owings Mills

Maybe now's the time for Ripken to walk away

So now future Hall of Famer Cal Ripken has a broken rib and will miss several weeks of spring training.

It is interesting to look back on how other Hall of Fame baseball players ended their playing careers. Ted Williams hit a home run at Fenway Park in his last major-league at-bat, circled the bases, and trotted into history.

Willie Mays, on the other hand, spent his last year falling down in the outfield for the New York Mets.

Cal, you batted .315 in an abbreviated season last year. Isn't that the memory you would like to leave with the fans? Isn't it time to walk away?

Leon Reinstein Baltimore

Ravens show no class by snubbing Dilfer

It's painful to observe the way the Ravens are treating Trent Dilfer, the quarterback who took the team to a Super Bowl victory.

He not only won a Super Bowl, but he also handled himself with grace and humility. After all he's done for the Ravens, it would be nice if the club would at least return the calls of his agent.

The national media had a festival criticizing our team, the organization and its owner. In many instances, all three were accused of having no class. The manner in which they are handling the Dilfer situation does little to dispel that notion.

Edward C. Rausch Jr. Baltimore

Had it with Eisenberg? Just stop reading him

I have finally read enough critical letters to the editor about John Eisenberg that I have decided to share my personal solution about this guy. I simply refuse to read his column! I stopped reading almost 18 months ago. End of story!

His unrelenting criticism of every sports team in this town grew tiresome. There must be a directive from The Sun sports department that dictates his negativity. One single person cannot harbor that much criticism.

I'm sure he was just dying inside when the Ravens actually won the Super Bowl.

Gary Kimmel Timonium

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