Dressing with star power


March 04, 2001|By Tricia Bishep | Tricia Bishep,SUN STAFF

If you buy what author Greg Polkosnik is selling, then we've been turning to the wrong stars for advice. Polkosnik, the self-proclaimed "world's foremost expert on fashion astrology," says we should take our fashion focus away from the stars in Hollywood and put it on the stars in the cosmos.

In his book "Cosmically Chic: Discovering Your Fashion Style Through Astrology" (Andrews McMeel, $12.95), Polkosnik says we "must learn to express an image that is harmonious with the fabric you are made from." Decoded, that means our astrological signs dictate our natures, and we can express them through our dress. For example, the book says Virgos should stick with earthy colors to match their earthy sign, Capricorns should avoid prissy details because cute just isn't their look and Leo lionesses, not surprisingly, look great in animal prints.

It's not exactly rocket science, but if it helps answer the what-should-I-wear-today question, it sure can't hurt.

-- T. B.

The scent of comfort

You've heard of comfort foods, but how about familiar fragrances? That's the idea behind Demeter's scents: putting the familiar and homey into a fragrance for easy access and memory evocation.

The line includes lotions, bath gels and "Pick-Me-Up" cologne sprays that smell like sugar cookies, Altoids, dirt, snow, sushi, mold (!), brownies, martinis, lettuce, Laundromats, rain and -- well, you get the idea.

If it reminds you of something, chances are Demeter bottles its essence. You can find it online at beauty.com, the exclusive seller of a brand-new, limited edition Demeter scent called Sugar Cane. The line sells for $8 to $18. -- T. B.

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