Lacrosse sticks - female game


Howard At Play

March 04, 2001

Buying a new lacrosse stick for a you female player? Some things to remember (and remember, sticks for males are different; last week's Clinic offered advice):

* Sticks must be between 35.5 and 43.25 inches long. The head must be 7 to 9 inches wide. The head on a goalie's stick can be up to 12 inches wide. Shorter is relatively better for youth players.

* The stick is made of wood, laminated wood or synthetic material.

* The pocket must be strung traditionally; no mesh, as male rules permit. No pocket is permitted in the stick head. The top of a ball dropped in the pocket must remain even with or above the side walls. Yes, it is harder to perfect the art of "cradling" the ball under female rules.


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