Carroll 4-H'ers compete in public speaking contest

March 04, 2001

Carroll County 4-H members tested their public speaking skills at their annual contest Feb. 17.

Participants in the contest choose categories. Public speakers, teachers and community leaders evaluate their presentations.

Each category has classes for clovers (ages 5 to 7), juniors (ages 8 to 10), intermediates (ages 11 to 13) and seniors (ages 14 to 18).

Results of the contest are:

Prepared speeches: Clovers - Participation, Brittany Hill, Casey Burtnick; Juniors - Champion, Josiah Nusbaum, Colleen Slevin; First Reserve Champion, Suzannah Macleod; Second Reserve Champion, Julia Schaefer; Red Award, Chad Becker, David Thomas, Bethany Ziegler, Laura Schaefer; White Award, Breanna Cutsail, Megan Rickell, Elena Cutsail.

Intermediates - Champion, Katie Helwig, Alyssa Ray; First Reserve Champion, Kathryn Tracey; Second Reserve Champion, Alexis Becker; Blue Award, Chris Utz, Edward Dawson, Amanda Reinhardt, Kelly Shuster, Eric Hoppa, Teresa Hoppa, Lauren Baile, Courtney Rinehart, Brian Rasche; Red Award, Dazy Cutsail, Tyler Burtnick; Seniors - Champion, Amanda Dell, Angie Rasche; First Reserve Champion, Chip Weaver; Second Reserve Champion, Corey Becker; Red Award, Nicole Schott, Heather Slivecky, Joshua Stewart, Katy Nolte.

Extemporaneous speech: Junior - Champion, Bailly Shuster; First Reserve Champion, Josiah Nusbaum; Red Award, Caroline Johnson, Kyle Snouffer, Elena Cutsail; Intermediate - Champion, Jennifer Hill, Alyssa Ray; First Reserve Champion, Alexis Becker; Second Reserve Champion, Edward Dawson; Blue Award, Katie Helwig, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Kelly Shuster, Amanda Reinhardt, Eric Hoppa, Maggie Fridinger, Courtney Rinehart, Jenna Janocha, Dazy Cutsail, Abigail Hester, Sara Fridinger.

Senior - Champion, Nicole Schott, Blair Mersinger; First Reserve Champion, Mike Utz; Second Reserve Champion, Brandon Johnson; Blue Award, Amanda Dell, Heather Slivecky, Claire Dawson; Red Award, Jill Janocha; White Award, Daniel Neeley.

Radio spot: Junior - Champion, Jennifer Neeley, Megan Rickell; First Reserve Champion, Josiah Nusbaum; Second Reserve Champion, Patrick Rickell; Blue Award, Bradley Thomas, Drew Cashman, Chad Becker, Elena Cutsail, Chris Martin; Red Award, Kelly Nolte, Cody Cashman, Colby Burtnick; White Award, Breanna Cutsail.

Intermediate - Champion, Samantha Moore, Dazy Cutsail; First Reserve Champion, Josh Dotson; Second Reserve Champion, Alexis Becker; Blue Award, Alyssa Ray, Teresa Hoppa, Caroline Martin, Courtney Rinehart; Red Award, Eric Hoppa; Senior, Champion, Whitney Dell, Daniel Neeley; First Reserve Champion, Angie Rasche; Second Reserve Champion, Corey Becker.

4-H Pledge: Clover - Participation, Brittany Hill, Nathan Young, Hannah Nusbaum; First Year Junior - Participation, Rosa Sullivan, Travis Smith, Jeffrey Giles, Kyle Davis, Wyatt Davis, Jacob Moore.

Dramatic interpretation: Clover - Participation, Hannah Nusbaum; Junior - Blue Award, Caitlin Moore, Josiah Nusbaum, Drew Cashman; Intermediate - Blue Award, Courtney Rinehart; Senior, Blue Award, Katy Nolte, Blair Mersinger.

Poetry interpretation: Junior - Blue Award, Caroline Johnson, Esther Schott, Josiah Nusbaum; Intermediate - Blue Award, Samantha Moore; Red Award, Laura Judge; Senior - Blue Award, Claire Dawson.

Humorous interpretation: Junior - Blue Award, Bailly Shuster, Josiah Nusbaum; Intermediate - Blue Award, Kelly Shuster; Senior - Red Award, Daniel Neeley.

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