Purple rally best thing since Pink Positive Day

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January 31, 2001|By Dan Rodricks

ATTENTION, Ravens fans: If you did not have permission to be away from work or school for the parade yesterday, I'll be happy to call your boss or homeroom teacher and make something up. Five bucks. ... I think Mayor O'Malley handled the Ravens rally well, don't you? He was rapmaster-heavy on the mike at times, and for a law-and-order guy, he might have acted a little too giddy when he introduced Ray Lewis. But at least he recognized Art Modell and didn't call him Orlando Bobo. ... And the mayor remembered he was in public -- not a pub -- and avoided saying things like: "Ladies and gentlemen, I liked to throw up when I heard that god---- Mike Ditka pick the Giants over the Ravens." ... But thank goodness, it didn't happen. We had purple. We had rain. We had purple rain. I haven't felt this good since Pink Positive Day. ... There was a priceless moment toward the end of the rally -- the happenin' Baha Men performing "Who Let The Dogs Out?" with David and Art Modell, Parris Glendening, Scott Garceau and a bunch of other white, middle-aged guys looking on in complete bewilderment. ...

Just one question: Where was William Donald Schaefer?

Ray insists on being Ray

Ray Lewis is Super Bowl XXXV MVP and the elephant in the room. He's there -- not over in the corner, but right on top of the buffet table, under the chandelier, getting shots of everyone with a camcorder -- and no one in the room wants to talk about him, and the room is Baltimore, Ravens Country, and if I use one more metaphor in this sentence I'll have to pay a roaming charge. ... Here's a little more rain on your parade, my fellow Ravens fans: Ray Lewis' behavior off the field in Atlanta a year ago today was atrocious, and in Tampa last week it wasn't much better. ... He didn't want to talk about the Buckhead killings -- unless the story was placed in a Ray-as-victim frame. Didn't want to issue a once-and-for-all apology through the national media. Didn't want to say a few words to the families of the victims. `Nah.' ... Maybe R. L. acts this way to avoid having to do one of those fuzzy NFL United Way commercials. ... You'd think one of the many people who care about this guy might have taken him aside and said, "Ray, if you ever want to fully recover from this mess, maybe even make some money from endorsements, get on the Wheaties box, get invited to Disney World after next year's Super Bowl, then you ought to show a little humility, show that you've learned a lesson, issue an apology, and hold off on the dancing." ... Didn't happen. Ray just goes on being Ray. And Ravens fans will go on being Ravens fans -- some of them because of Ray, a lot of us in spite of him.

This, that in Ravens Country

Most Obscure Ravens Super Bowl Fact (from a TJI reader named Bill): "Trent Dilfer played at Fresno State, and Brian Billick was one of the two finalists for the head coaching job there four years ago." Bill, I appreciate the note. Now, get a grip. ... TJI Reader Robin Haines, who lives in Woodstock -- the one in Howard County, not the one in your herbally enhanced memories of the '60s -- thinks three of the Ravens' four playoff foes (Titans, Raiders and Giants) each used up all of their positive karma by shutting out the opponents they faced the week before their games with The Purple. The Giants shut out the Vikings to win the NFC Championship. That's why Baltimore won the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary coach who said, "Karma isn't everything, it's the only thing." ... What does the Ravens' Super Bowl victory mean for the city? Lots of attention? Respect? Major corporations moving their headquarters here? TJI reader Irv Lustman hopes it means Baltimore finally gets a place on the maps on the Weather Channel. ... Gary Wunderlich of Westminster, his brother, Dave, in Cheshire, Conn., and another brother, Fred, in Dania, Fla., watched the Super Bowl in 2001 style. "We hooked up over the Internet so we could exchange sound and still pictures while we watched the game on TV in the comfort of our separate homes," says Gary. "We did the `Wassup!' over the computer speakers and screamed at the end. Just like being together." And no one spilled chili on anyone's Dockers.

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