From Waibel's family, thanks to the community We, the...


January 28, 2001

From Waibel's family, thanks to the community

We, the family of Augie Waibel, wish to express our profound gratitude for the outpouring of love and support offered us during our most trying time. The expressions of sympathy, too numerous to gauge, provided immeasurable comfort to each of us.

It became quite apparent that the love we have for him is also felt by so many. Due to the large number of visitors, we regrettably were unable to spend enough time with everyone.

Rest assured your presence was greatly appreciated by our family. We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to Father Joe Bonadio for his love and guidance.

Elizabeth P. Waibel, Stacey A.T. Waibel and Edward D. Durkee; William A. Waibel and Lynda A. Waibel; Michael J. Waibel and Beth C. Waibel Baltimore

Clevelanders need to quit complaining

After laughing my head off, I would like to respond to a Cleveland resident's letter wherein he refers to the Ravens being "everything wrong with professional sports today."

If you want to see what's wrong in sports today, try walking into a bar in Cleveland wearing an Orioles hat. Talk about "thug-ville." At least in Baltimore you can go to a game and cheer for the opposition without putting your life in your hands.

I'm so tired of all the belly-aching by the Clevelanders. Baltimore felt sorry for you for about 30 seconds. You can blame the NFL for having your team "taken away" from you. Welcome to the reality of professional sports ... deal with it.

I'll send you Art Modell's hanky and you can cry on it.

Rob Van Wagner Timonium

Getting shaft on tickets shouldn't be a surprise

I'm writing in response to a letter from Chris Bartnik that appeared last Sunday. Mr. Bartnik complained about the inability of Ravens season-ticket holders, like himself, to get reasonably priced tickets to the Super Bowl.

Don't be such an ingrate, Mr. Bartnik. After all, didn't Art Modell allow you to pay a licensing fee for the privilege of buying season tickets in the first place? Poor Art is only trying to make a profit by getting as much as he can for whatever he can sell.

Isn't poor Art deserving of our sympathy and our cash? You truly didn't expect him to miss out on the opportunity to make a couple of bucks, even at the expense of loyal Ravens fans, did you?

But keep the faith, fans like you and other Ravens season-ticket holders will eventually be rewarded by Art Modell. He never forgets loyalty!

Just keep remembering what he did for the Browns' fans, who filled Cleveland Stadium every week despite a mediocre football team. The day will come, sooner or later, that he will reward dedicated Ravens fans in the same manner.

Ron Parsons Glen Burnie

Will Modell show fans thanks for their support?

What about the season-ticket holders, Art?

Thousands of football fans, like myself, have supported the Ravens since they arrived in Baltimore. Throughout the heat, bitter cold, rain and sunshine, more than 50,000 season-ticket holders, many of whom are father-son combinations, have cheered the team to victory.

Now that the team is AFC champion, and taking into consideration that only a small handful of fans have been offered the opportunity to obtain Super Bowl tickets, what is Modell going to do to show his support for us?

Although Modell had no control over the team's playoff locations, we as season-ticket holders were required to purchase playoff tickets in the event the game was played in Baltimore. Now that we missed that opportunity, and realizing that our ticket purchase price will be credited toward next season's invoices, what about the interest accumulated from that playoff pool of funds? Will that be credited as well?

Maybe, instead, Modell could show his appreciation to the thousands of loyal season-ticket holders by holding an event, just for us, to show his real appreciation for our support.

Alan E. Small Catonsville

Ravens face hidden foe on the field in Tagliabue

Everyone knows that the Ravens don't have much to fear from the Giants in the Super Bowl tonight. It's the men in the striped shirts and the league commissioner they need to watch out for. The Ravens were fined for good, clean hits on the quarterbacks during the playoffs. But I haven't heard of any fine being placed for the helmet-to-the-jaw hit on Trent Dilfer.

It's obvious that the biggest threat to a Super Bowl win for the Ravens will come from the "unbiased" officials. As everybody in the country can tell, commissioner Paul Tagliabue is not to pleased with Baltimore being back in the league, much less in the big game.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit that Tagliabue hasn't given orders to the game-day officials to do their best at finding penalties to call. Watch and see, there just might be some phantom calls made at key moments tonight.

John Shifflett Baltimore

As a Super Bowl city, Baltimore is the best

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