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January 28, 2001|By Michael Stroh | Michael Stroh,SUN STAFF

Showtime, baby. With just hours left until Festivus Maximus, we're going to take some questions from Cyberspud's mailbag:

Dear Cyberspud: I'll be stuck at work during the Super Bowl. There's no TV here, but I do have a computer. Can I still watch the Ravens kick some butt on my PC?

Bummer, dude.

While you can see the Ravens players online (, NFL rules prohibit you from watching the Ravens kick butt online in Tampa. Best bet is to keep checking sites such as CNN/Sports Illustrated ( for updates during the game. Or bring a radio.

Dear Cyberspud: You've told me about lots of weird Super Bowl happenings online this past week. Anything you've left out?

Well, if you're truly demented, you might want to check out EarthCam (, which has set up Web cams at strategic Super Bowl sites around the country.

Want to watch groundskeepers put the finishing touches on Raymond James Stadium, or some local sot throw back another Bud at Max's at Camden Yards? Look no further.

Dear Cyberspud: Who are you rooting for?

As you know, a good journalist always maintains his or her objectivity, so it wouldn't be prudent of Cyberspud to mention his desire for the Ravens to go postal and kick the Giants' sorry butts. Any more questions?

Super Bowl-related Web sites The Sun's Super Bowl site. The NFL's official Super Bowl site. Self-described as a site made by fans for fans. This site displays every advertisement shown during the Super Bowl 30 minutes after the game ends. Official site for the Tampa Bay Super Bowl XXXV Task Force. /index: ESPN's Super Bowl site. CNN/Sports Illustrated's Super Bowl site. FoxSport's Super Bowl site. playoffs/: CBS.SportsLine's Super Bowl page. Giants' official site. Ravens' official site.

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