Some Ravens raving with apologies to EAP

January 28, 2001

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary

Moving vans came rapping, rapping at my training complex door`Twas that irksome Irsay, hauling off my football lore,

Only this, you say?

In Charm City then, we had no more.

Ah, distinctly I remember t'was in bleak November

And a cloud of tear-like snowflakes made me cry "You miserable bore!"

For the rare and storied team he pilfered: Unitas, Donovan and Moore

Gone those beery, bonding Sundays evermore

But then came a visitor entreating entrance at my vacant training complex door

An Irsay in reverse, I shuddered?But no, the Browns it was of Cleveland The Browns?

That's it?

Less is more?

But lo a transformation, an ebony bird beguiling

Purple and black to the very core.

Trash talking, sack dancing, stats galore

Stuffed the run, denied the pass and changed the writing on the training complex door.

Quoth the Raven soon enough:

Festivus Maximore

Come now the haughty NY Giants, (weren't they vanquished once before?),

They'll scuttle back to Gotham, weeping - felled and bleeding evermore

Is there balm in Gilead? Tell me, tell me, I implore.

Not for the Giants, Hon. Nevermore

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