Q&A with Priest Holmes Q&A with Priest Holmes

Super Bowl Xxxv

Ravens vs. Giants

January 27, 2001

While in Tampa for The Sun, columnist Dan Rodricks has been conducting some snappy, two-minute drills with Ravens players. Today, Dan chases down running back Priest Holmes.

DR: It's nice to talk to someone here under 6 feet tall. Priest, you and Jermaine Lewis are the posters on the wall of my 10-year-old son's room.

PH: Really? That's nice. I know young people look up to people in the limelight, and it touches my heart, it really does, and it reminds me of the responsibility I have.

DR: How old are you?

PH: Twenty-seven, last October.

DR: When you were 10 - or when you were a teen-ager back at Marshall High in San Antonio, getting into sports - who did you look up to? Who did you admire?

PH: My uncles, the older men around me. I watched them. I watched to see what it was they were doing to be successful. I wanted to be like them.

DR: Any one uncle in particular?

PH: Yes, Charles Radford. ... He was in the military, and I looked up to him. We had physical training in common. He lifted weights, and he used to say to me, `Hey, Priest, you want to go to the gym?' He invited me in, to do things with him, and that meant a lot.

DR: You guys are camped out here at the Hyatt [Regency Westshore], and there's no curfew until Saturday night. So what have you been doing at night? I mean, that you can say.

PH: I've been with a family I hadn't seen in 15 years, the Bridges. They moved away from San Antonio when all their kids were small, and now they live in the place Ray Lewis is from.

DR: Lakeland, Fla.?

PH: That's it. They called when they saw that I was coming to Tampa, so I went over there the other night for dinner. You know, I'm single and you get tired of eating in hotels, and a home-cooked meal means a lot to me. We had greens and cornbread, smothered chicken and red devil cake.

DR: That's one night. What did you do the other nights?

PH: Went back for more.

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