O'Malley, Guiliani perform commercial mayoral duties

January 26, 2001|By Kevin Cowherd | Kevin Cowherd,SUN STAFF

The Couch Potato bows to no one in his appreciation of art. And he saw true artistry last night when Channel 11 previewed those nifty Super Bowl commercials featuring the dueling, trash-talking mayors, Martin O'Malley of Baltimore and Rudy Guiliani of New York.

Rudy G. was good - loved his dig at O'Malley for donning inflatable Ravens headgear ("Mayors don't wear helmets.") But O'Malley fluttering his arms like a great winged creature and whispering "RA-VENS" - that's as close to kabuki as you'll see here in the West.

Lame-o Gary Miller interview on 6 p.m. ESPN "SportsCenter" of Tony Siragusa and Rob Burnett included this memorable question: "What's the secret of a good Gatorade bath?" Burnett`s answer? "Surprise."

Gary, Gary, Gary ... how 'bout asking NFL players when they'll get rid of this tired, post-game ritual?

Channel 2's Soapbox segment at 5:35 featured Ravens fans dissing the Prince of Darkness himself, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. One fan looked at the camera and said sweetly to the commish: "Maybe we can have YOU mounted and stuffed and put in a museum."

Ouch. Memo to Tagliabue: You know the old saying about bygones being bygones? It never made it to Baltimore, hon.

The Couch Potato bows to no one in his admiration for the work of Ch. 2's Mary Beth Marsden. But her bumpy ride through the windy skies over Tampa in the Bud blimp was above and beyond the call of duty.

"I could really use a Budweiser about now," she said at one point. The Couch Potato could relate; he's been known to say that on a Ferris wheel, never mind a thousand feet up in a blimp.

Finally, Super Bowl news we could lose:

A Channel 13 bulletin from Denise Koch that Ravens wide receiver Qadry Ismail would take on Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn in PlayStation 2.

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