Q&A with Edwin Mulitalo

January 26, 2001|By DAN RODRICKS

While in Tampa for The Sun, columnist Dan Rodricks will be conducting some snappy, two-minute drills with Ravens players. Today, Dan gets up close with Ravens 6-foot-3, 340-pound left guard Edwin Mulitalo.

DR: If you were not in pro ball today, headed for the Super Bowl, what would you be doing?

EM: Coaching high school football in Hawaii, and I'd be teaching social studies. Social studies teachers were always the coolest teachers.

DR: A Ravens fan I know went to Oakland for the AFC championship game, and he was unafraid of the crazy Raiders fans because he sat behind what he called "Edwin Mulitalo's four giant cousins." Is that right?

EM: I had two brothers and four cousins there, and they're all big guys, yeah.

DR: Are they coming to Tampa?

EM: My brothers are - Tafaoga, Moliki and San Francisco.

DR: You have a brother named San Francisco?

EM: Yeah, that's where we grew up. ... And my mom, Falatupu, is coming. She was born in Samoa, same as my father, and neither of them really understand football. My father is back in Utah - that's where my family lives now - and I bought him a big-screen TV so he could watch the game. You know, if you can't share this with your family - if they don't see your accomplishments - what's the point?

DR: You seem like a very mellow fellow. You don't seem uptight at all.

EM: I'm having fun. Last night, the whole O-line went out to a restaurant here, a steakhouse with fine wine, and it was really very cool. I had Delmonico steak.

DR: Do your teammates have a nickname for you?

EM: I have two. The D-line guys call me Mongo, like the cartoon character. And the O-line guys call me Moo Moo.

DR: Moo Moo? That's either a drink with an umbrella in it, or something a woman wears.

EM: I think you're right. But that's what they call me because they can't pronounce my name.

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