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January 25, 2001

An interview with Mary Axenfeld, coordinator of the Year 2000 Book Club.

How did the club get started?

Another woman and I - she had been in a book club, and she didn't like the books they were reading. I guess they were reading mostly classics. So we just decided to start our own club and read the books we wanted. We had decided that we wanted to read more of the best-sellers.

What book are members reading this month?

"She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb. And the new Glenwood library was really good, and they got seven of them for us, so most of us could get them from the library.

Are there any books members have especially liked?

I think "The Poisonwood Bible."... I mean, we just sat and discussed it for 1 1/2 to two hours, and it just had a lot of things to discuss.

What kind of things?

It was about a missionary who drags the family from Georgia to the Congo, and everyone [in the book club] is thinking he was just a selfish man. ... And then, from the other viewpoint, "Why did the wife put up with this?" In today's world, she would have just taken the children and left, but it was the 1950s.

Is there any book none of the members, or most of the members, did not like?

The third book we read was called "Corelli's Mandolin," and I think one member got to page 120, and she was the winner, because the rest of us made it to about page 40, and we said forget it. ... Just about every other sentence had a bunch of words you didn't understand.

How many members does your club have?


Do you think you'll keep it at that number?

Yeah. ... We had about 15 people come to one meeting, and we just thought that was too big. So 10 of us stayed together, and the other five started another club. The 10 meet one Sunday a month, and the other group will meet one morning a month, and I'm going to attend both.

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