With Chuck Evans

Q & A

January 24, 2001|By DAN RODRICKS

While in Tampa for The Sun, columnist Dan Rodricks will be conducting some snappy, two-minute drills with Ravens players. Today, Dan knocks it around with reserve fullback Chuck Evans.

DR: Chuck, it's the Super Bowl. It's a long way from Pee Wee football. How old were you when you first played the game, and where?

CE: I grew up in Augusta, Ga. I was 8 years old.

DR: How did your mother feel about your playing?

CE: I had to work on her for two years, but she finally let me play.

DR: So you always loved football.

CE: I loved running with the ball - definitely that.

DR: Half your life ago, when you were 16, who in your life did you admire most?

CE: My mother, Pearl. She had four kids in our household, and she was pretty much a single parent. She worked two jobs, sometimes three - waitress, seamstress or factory work - to keep us going, keep us fed. We all grew up well, too - two boys and two girls - and no trouble, no jail or anything like that.

DR: Do any of the guys on the team play practical jokes on you?

CE: Tony Banks is always doing that. He's a joker. One day before practice, I go to my locker to put my socks on and my shoes on, and he's put shaving cream inside my shoes.

DR: That's an old one.

CE: Yeah, but he got me with it. But now I get him. I wait til he goes in the bathroom and I stand up over the stall and spray him with shave cream.

DR: Foamy or Barbasol?

CE: No, Edge gel.

DR: Edge? You're not getting paid to say that, are you?

CE: I get it all over him, and then he tries to wipe it off, but the thing with Edge is, the more you wipe it the more it foams. You know what I mean?

DR: I'm getting the picture.

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