Anti-terrorism effort may tie up traffic, Fort Meade warns

January 21, 2001

Fort Meade has issued a warning of likely traffic backups at its entrances Thursday as the Army base joins in an anti-terrorism exercise being conducted at installations throughout the Military District of Washington.

Military police will be asking for identification at the Llewellyn Avenue and Mapes Road entrances as well as at the Baltimore-Washington Parkway connector road near the National Security Agency.

Fort Meade will close its gates at Route 175 and Mapes Road, Pepper Road, Range/Magazine roads, Clark Road at Route 175 and the Tipton Airfield overpass at O'Brien Road.

"The command will execute a variety of emergency response procedures during the exercise, which could include police, fire and medical personnel activities," Fort Meade said.

The Army has ordered all installations worldwide to conduct similar exercises by the end of the month, the announcement said.

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