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January 21, 2001

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, Hollywood moguls, stars and wannabe filmmakers have flocked once again to the snowy mountains of Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival and its once-naughty offspring, Slamdance. And this year, SunSpot, The Sun's online site, will be there to rub shoulders with them.

On SunSpot, you'll find a daily guide to the goings on at Sundance, in Park City, Utah. The film festival, founded by actor-director Robert Redford, has grown into perhaps the most important -- and overwrought -- annual showcase of independent cinema. There will also be reports from Slamdance, the Sundance alternative created in 1995 by disgruntled filmmakers who could not get their films presented at Sundance.

Baltimore film buff Gabe Wardell will be SunSpot's man on the scene as Sundance rolls out 106 feature films, including what the Reuters news agency describes as "several gender-bending films and digital movies" that will "focus a spotlight on what may be a new wave of indie filmmaking."

He'll be on the scene at Slamdance, too, as well as keeping tabs on the ever-growing number of other alterna-fests trying to help filmmakers catch Hollywood's eye, including Digidance, Lapdance, Nodance, Slamdunk and TromaDance.

To find SunSpot's coverage, go online to / artslife and look for the link to "Guide to Sundance and Slamdance 2001." The festivals and SunSpot's coverage run through Jan. 28.

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