These stocks likely to grow during Bush presidency

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January 19, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

With the inauguration tomorrow, many people may wonder what stock categories will thrive during the Bush administration.

Personal Finance newsletter lists companies "that will reap billions from a Bush presidency." They include:

Lockheed Martin Corp. "Boosting military spending was one of Bush's central campaign themes, and this company stands to be a huge beneficiary."

Enron Corp. "Enron's vision of utility deregulation is certain to get a sympathetic ear in the new administration."

Nabors Industries Inc. "With energy companies now starting to produce for higher projected oil and gas prices, demand and rates for Nabors' rigs will continue to rise."

Bell companies: "They are increasingly dominating the communications industry, thanks largely to their huge advantage over rival long-distance and cable-TV companies. These ... will increase under a Bush White House."

Also listed: Texaco Inc. and Philip Morris Cos. Inc.

WATCH OUT: "Many fees that can hurt your 401(k) plan. Few participants know how much they're being charged. When employees ask, they may get a 50-page document packed with legalese. Ask your benefits administrator - or mutual fund that provides your plan - what fees are being charged to your account." (Individual Investor)

STOCK WATCH: "Strong market openings and weak closes are bear market signs, but weak openings and strong closes are indications of a bull market." (Barron's)

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