Officials push county to hire tower engineer

January 18, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Carroll fire and public safety officials urged the county commissioners yesterday to hire an independent engineer to select a site for a communications tower in Lineboro to improve emergency radio dispatches.

For three years, Carroll County Volunteer Firemen's Association and Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department have pushed the county to build a tower that would better serve the low-lying, hilly areas in northeastern Carroll, where regular communications fail.

Several sites have been looked at and the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services has selected four, in order of preference, that would alleviate communication problems in Lineboro, said Buddy Redman, director of the county's Office of Public Safety.

Redman said he hopes to ask the commissioners for funding for the engineer next week. The engineer would select the site, ensure radio contact would be available 95 percent of the time over 95 percent of the area, oversee tower construction and ensure it meets specifications.

The tower could be built by April, Redman said.

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