Zoo Zone

January 17, 2001

What's for dinner?

Dama gazelles eat grass, shoots, and small leaves.

Graceful Grazers...

The dama gazelle lives on the plains of Africa and spends the day grazing on grass and small bushes. With the ability to run at speeds of up to 35 mph, a gazelle can often outrun a predator. Gazelles will also confuse other animals by pronking (jumping) into the air while running.

Do you know?

Does a gazelle lose its horns?

Answer: The gazelle does not shed its horns; they are permanent bone.

Learn more!

Visit the dama gazelles at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Gazelle Boy" by Jean Claude Armen.

Wild facts

1. A gazelle needs only a small amount of water to survive.

2. Gazelles often travel in family groups including several generations.

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