'Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night"


January 17, 2001|By Bing Puddlepot

Editor's note: One young boy realizes the value of a good night's sleep.

Jimmy Jonny Brownie had trouble going to bed. In fact, he did everything he could to stay up. He put his jammies on backwards. He gobbed too much toothpaste on his toothbrush. He got his hands stuck in his mouth when he flossed.

His mom and dad, of course, didn't let bed time get too late. His backwards pajamas were left backwards. They had him brush his teeth with all the toothpaste he squirted out, so as not to waste any. They even read to him with his hands jammed into his mouth.

One morning, when everyone was saggy-eyed from trying to get Jimmy Jonny Brownie to bed the night before, Jimmy Jonny asked ... "Dad, can I stay up all night?"

His dad thought about it. Rubbed his chin, smiled and said, "I think that is a splendid idea."

As time came for Jimmy Jonny to get ready for bed, no one mentioned hopping in the bath, or putting on pajamas, or brushing teeth, or getting two books, or singing a goodnight song, or saying prayers, or tucking in the covers tight, or getting a kiss goodnight.

They just sat there. Mom read the newspaper. Dad read a book. So Jimmy Jonny grabbed a big stack of his own books, sat beside them on the couch and looked at the pictures.

A clock ticked in the background.

Many ticks later, Jimmy Jonny's mom stretched and said, "I'm heading for bed." Dad said, "Me, too."

Jimmy Jonny Brownie just smiled and said, "Good night everyone." He looked at the clock; it said ten, which was two hours past his bedtime!

Trotting off to the bathroom, he sampled water from several paper cups. He stacked the cups into a wall. He knocked them down. He lined them up. A cup parade!

Jimmy Jonny Brownie then watched the shadows on the wall. At first they scared him. But he couldn't stay up all night if he was afraid of shadows, he told himself. So he made some nice shadows of his own. They asked him if he liked to camp.

Off his bed came the covers and sheets for the tent. Off came the pillow and mattress. He built a flashlight campfire. He fished off the dock. He relaxed on the shore trying to learn how to whistle.

Looking up, Jimmy Jonny saw sunlight creeping into his room and heard his parents' alarm clock. He had done it! Jimmy Jonny Brownie had stayed up all night! Hearing stumbly footsteps in the hall, Jimmy Jonny opened his door and yelled at his stunned dad, "I stayed up all night!"

"Great," his dad mumbled tiredly. "Don't forget that Ellie Knelly is coming over to play today. We'll have to make sure your room is cleaned after breakfast."

That was the last thing Jimmy Jonny Brownie remembered very clearly. At breakfast, he fell asleep with his chin in his glass of orange juice. After breakfast, Jimmy Jonny fell asleep as he cleaned his room.

The dominoes gave him polka dots all over his face, Ellie noticed as she woke him up. Being the thoughtful girl she was, she helped him clean while giggling quietly to herself.

At which point he fell asleep on the floor. Ellie soon got bored with coloring Jimmy Jonny's coloring books ... and started coloring Jimmy Jonny, which lasted until his mom called them for lunch. His favorite: spaghetti.

Ellie apologized to Jimmy Jonny for coloring him and felt bad. He said a sleepy, "It's okay," before he laid his head down in the spaghetti.

Jimmy Jonny Brownie didn't wake up for setting the table, or eating dinner, or washing dishes, or taking a bath, or putting on pajamas, or brushing teeth, or getting two books, or singing a goodnight song, or saying prayers, or tucking in the covers tight or getting a kiss goodnight.

He just slept.

After that night, Jimmy Jonny decided that maybe going to bed wasn't such a hard thing after all. He crawled in all by himself, which made his parents very proud.

And it gave Jimmy Jonny Brownie a whole lot of energy the next day.

Excerpted from JIMMY JONNY BROWNIE STAYS UP ALL NIGHT c 2000 Bing Puddlepot. Text by Bing Puddlepot, illustrations by Sherwin Schwartzrock. Republished by permission of Bing Puddlepot. All rights reserved.

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