" 'The Swamp Thing' by Erica Farber is about L.C. and...

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January 17, 2001

" 'The Swamp Thing' by Erica Farber is about L.C. and the gang going to a real swamp. They come face-to-face with the swamp thing, but it turns out to be a swamp crocodile. My favorite part was when they went home."

-- Stephen Kaputsos

Northfield Elementary

"I enjoyed reading 'Kittens in the Kitchen' by Ben Baglio. It is about a cat named Walton who has kittens in the neighbor's kitchen. My favorite part was when old, grouchy Mr. And Mrs. Williams decided to take Walton because they wanted a cat to keep them company, even though Mr. Williams hates cats. "

-- Emily Bradyhouse

Violetville Elementary

"I liked the chapter book 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl. The BFG stands for 'big, friendly giant.' The BFG steals a child named Sophie because he hears her looking at him. That may sound strange, but he has huge ears and is sensitive to the slightest movement. If you want to know more about the BFG, read this book."

-- Jimmy O'Keefe

Freedom Elementary

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