Digisette unveils tape-shaped player for MP3 music files...


January 15, 2001

Digisette unveils tape-shaped player for MP3 music files

Digisette's Duo-MP3 music player is a near-perfect piece of portable audio equipment.

Aside from functioning as a portable unit, the Duo-MP3 plays in all cassette tape players without an adapter. It's shaped like a cassette and can be inserted into a deck, just like a tape. Hit "play" and you're set.

The software interface is straightforward and friendly. Music can be brought into the Duo-MP3 from CDs recorded onto your computer or downloaded onto your PC from a service such as Napster.

The only disappointment with the Duo-MP3 is with the parallel port cable interface. You have to plug the cable into the same outlet on your computer that your printer is most likely using. Constantly unscrewing and reattaching the cables is ridiculously time-consuming. Transporting music through a parallel connection is also much slower and less convenient than through a USB connection.

Fortunately, Digisette recently released its Duo-Aria, an otherwise identical player that uses the USB interface. At $250, it's the same price as the Duo-MP3.

Both the Duo-MP3 and Aria come with 32 megabytes of flash memory, good for about 30 minutes of music. Memory can be expanded to 96 megabytes with a separate upgrade.

If you need an MP3 player for use anywhere, the Duo line is highly recommended.

Information: 973-455-7084 or www.digisette.com.

Victor Godinez/KRT

Saitek racing wheel great to look at, bad to play

I was taught that first impressions were everlasting. Sorry, Mom, but I must take exception to that rule, because looks aren't everything.

Saitek's RX400 racing wheel, designed to work with Sony's PlayStation line of video game consoles, is truly impressive - in appearance. Priced at $40, the RX400 is predominantly charcoal-black in color, has a solid feel, a sporty three-spoke wheel, brake/gas pedals, a clamping device for tabletop mounting and a detachable lap-grip for armchair play. The controller is equipped with six wheel-mounted buttons, a centralized D-pad and Formula 1-style shifters with gaming configurations that include Digital, Dual Shock and NegCon.

It's plug-and-play - if you can find a table that will accept the 4-inch, long-necked vise fastener. If not, you have to use the attachable lap-grip, keeping your knees together so it sets firmly. While performing this balancing act, you must lift your heel so your foot can steady the gas/brake pedals. In addition, the steering is loose, and there's not a setting to adjust it.

The challenge is to sit on one side of your bottom with your knees together and heel suspended in the air to win a race.

Better yet, steer away from this product and use your hand controller.

Information: 800-452-4377 or www.saitek.com.

Harold Scull/KRT

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