Howard tries dealing with odd schedules evenhandedly

11th school, Reservoir, causing irregularities

January 07, 2001|By Stan Rappaport | Stan Rappaport,SUN STAFF

This is a story about the future of high school sports in Howard County, and how the addition of an 11th school has made athletic officials reinvent the scheduling process.

Reservoir High, which colors will be blue and orange, will open in Fulton in the fall of 2002 with grades 9 through 11. It will field varsity teams in all sports, and be known as either the Retrievers or Gators, depending on a vote this spring by eighth-grade students at feeder schools.

The uneven number of county teams will cause some irregularities: byes have been built into the county schedule, and in some sports, teams will not play the same number of county games. Basketball, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey will have the same number of league games and county champions will be based on win-loss records. However, football, volleyball, baseball, softball and tennis will have an unbalanced schedule, and county champions will be decided by winning percentage.

The new schedule will start in 2002 and is expected to last two years. The prevailing attitude is that a 12th high school will open in 2004, thus forcing another but much easier change.

Next year's schedule will be a carbon copy of this year's. "We're going to switch sites and continue the same order," said Don Disney, coordinator of athletics.

Which brings us to 2002-2003. Athletic directors met in November and agreed on an 11-week schedule that includes a bye for each team. In sports that have more than 10 county games, teams will go from Week 11 back to Week 1 and continue until their required number of games is met.

Here's how the new schedule will affect different sports (games allowed does not include tournaments during the season):

Football (10 games allowed): Long Reach drew the bye in week No. 11, so it will play 10 straight county games. The other teams will play nine county games and have one bye that could be filled by an outside opponent. However, games scheduled for Week 11 - Glenelg at Wilde Lake, Atholton at Centennial, Hammond at Howard, Reservoir at River Hill and Mount Hebron at Oakland Mills - won't be played in football during this two-year schedule.

Volleyball (15 matches allowed): Six teams will play each other twice, and five will have a second bye.

Soccer, lacrosse, field hockey (12 games allowed): Teams will play each other once and have two opportunities for out-of-county games.

Basketball (20 games allowed): Teams will play each other twice with no out-of-county games.

Baseball, softball, tennis (18 games allowed): Eight teams will fall short of playing each county team twice.

Disney said the schedules for cross country and track will be made in the future and "won't be bad." However, getting a wrestling schedule together "will be ugly," he said, because of the number of duel- and tri-meets. Disney said he is seriously considering bringing in a mediator to help the wrestling coaches iron out a schedule.

Here's the schedule that football, volleyball, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball and tennis will follow for two years beginning in the fall of 2002:

Week 1: Long Reach at Reservoir, Centennial at Glenelg, Oakland Mills at Atholton, River Hill at Hammond, Wilde Lake at Howard, Mount Hebron bye.

Week 2: Glenelg at Reservoir, Mount Hebron at Long Reach, Hammond at Centennial, Wilde Lake at Atholton, Howard at River Hill, Oakland Mills bye.

Week 3: Reservoir at Oakland Mills, Glenelg at Hammond, Long Reach at Wilde Lake, Centennial at Mount Hebron, Atholton at River Hill, Howard bye.

Week 4: Hammond at Reservoir, Wilde Lake at Oakland Mills, Howard at Glenelg, River Hill at Long Reach, Atholton at Mount Hebron, Centennial bye.

Week 5: Reservoir at Wilde Lake, Mount Hebron at Howard, Oakland Mills vs. River Hill, Glenelg at Atholton, Long Reach at Centennial, Hammond bye.

Week 6: Howard at Reservoir, River Hill at Wilde Lake, Mount Hebron at Hammond, Centennial at Oakland Mills, Long Reach at Glenelg, Atholton bye.

Week 7: Reservoir at Mount Hebron, Howard at Atholton, Wilde Lake at Centennial, Hammond at Long Reach, Oakland Mills at Glenelg, River Hill bye.

Week 8: Atholton vs. Reservoir, Centennial at River Hill, Long Reach at Howard, Glenelg at Mount Hebron, Oakland Mills at Hammond, Wilde Lake bye.

Week 9: Reservoir at Centennial, Atholton at Long Reach, River Hill at Mount Hebron, Howard vs. Oakland Mills, Wilde Lake at Hammond, Glenelg bye.

Week 10: Oakland Mills at Long Reach, Centennial at Howard, Hammond at Atholton, River Hill at Glenelg, Mount Hebron at Wilde Lake, Reservoir bye.

Week 11: Glenelg at Wilde Lake, Atholton at Centennial, Hammond at Howard, Reservoir at River Hill, Mount Hebron at Oakland Mills, Long Reach bye.(NOTE: After Week 11, the schedule reverts to Week 1, but the sites are reversed.)

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