"My favorite book is 'Max's Chocolate Chicken' by...

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January 03, 2001

"My favorite book is 'Max's Chocolate Chicken' by Rosemary Wells. Max wanted the chocolate chicken so bad he finally took it -- but he did it the wrong way. Then he learned the value of sharing."

-- Shannon Jones

Gilmor Elementary

"Recently I read a story called 'Karen's Worst Day' by Ann M. Martin. In the story, Karen is having her worst day ever. She fell out of bed because she had a bad dream, and there was no prize in her cereal. Karen's day got worse until a total of 13 bad things had happened. In the end, though, Karen had three good things happen to her. I would recommend the book to anyone who has ever had a bad day."

-- Danielle Trenary

Elkridge Elementary

"I have read a terrific book called 'Your Mother Was a Neanderthal' by Jon Scieszka. It is a good mystery for you to solve in 13 chapters. I know you will enjoy this book."

-- Gary Keister

Lisbon Elementary

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