Zoo Zone

January 03, 2001

What's for dinner?

Gibbons eat ripe fruit, young leaves, and small bugs.

Singing swingers...

While swinging through the trees of Southeast Asia, gibbons can often be heard "singing" to one another. Their songs are a way of communicating with mates and other family members while providing a defence against intruders. The duet between adult pairs can be heard for as many as 15 minutes a day.

Do you know?

How do gibbons sleep?

Answer: Gibbons sleep sitting up, usually in seperate trees.

Learn more!

Visit the gibbons at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Primates in the Zoo" by Roland Smith.

Wild facts

1. Gibbons greatly resemble man with their upright posture, lack of tail, and intelligent expression.

2. Male and female gibbons are similar in size with thin bodies, long arms, and thick hair.

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