Keys to Ravens' victory

January 01, 2001|By Ken Murray

1 RB Jamal Lewis pounded out 110 rushing yards on a bone-wearying 30 carries against a defense geared to stop him. That was huge.

2 QB Trent Dilfer was more decisive throwing the ball, and threw it better (9-for-14 for 130 yards and one TD). Because of the elements, it was not a day for passing.

3 Wind gusts of up to 27 mph effectively took away the deep passing game for both sides. Dilfer and TE Shannon Sharpe teamed up on a 58-yard touchdown pass that started as a short, deflected pass in the flat.

4 The Broncos tried to spread the field in an empty backfield several times during the day, but never were able to hurt the Ravens with it.

5 Led by DE Michael McCrary's three sacks, the Ravens launched a relentless pass rush that produced five sacks, four against Gus Frerotte.

Keys to Broncos' loss

1 The Broncos' offensive line could not keep the pass rush off Frerotte, who completed only 13 of 28 throws.

2 Despite a vaunted running game and a 1,500-yard rusher in Mike Anderson, the Broncos couldn't run against the Ravens. Anderson finished with 40 yards on 15 carries.

3 Although they loaded up against the run, the Broncos never consistently stopped Jamal Lewis or forced the Ravens into a passing game.

4 The Broncos were able to contain punt returner Jermaine Lewis, but overall, the Ravens' special teams gave Baltimore excellent field position and kept it out of the hole.

5 The Ravens were able to generate a strong pass rush with a four-man front, and did not need to blitz. That left Frerotte throwing into coverage all day.

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