September 27, 2000


BE A "Tech This!" Star

Starting in October, www.4Kids.org will offer a new feature: 4Kids Project: Tech This! You will find a fun, educational project to complete in which you will collect info from a Web site, puzzle through a problem, and offer your own conclusion. The results of everyone who successfully completes the monthly Tech This! project will be displayed on a Web page at www.4Kids.org / techthis.

Go to www.4 kids.org / kidquest / to complete the Kid Quest challenge.

Science Academy

Nature, science and the Web are brought together in this unique online science site by the education department of the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Grab your beaker and head to www.caosclub.org / nsw / index.html You'll find an Ecological Citizenship project and Enivronmental Issues Forum in the Nature section.


What is an American Redstart?

I Spy . . .

Agent Glitch is at your service. You can spy on him at ww.agentglitch.com / Print out disguises and get your own agent I.D. card. Check out the list of safety tips.


What should you do before entering a contest or signing up at a Web site?

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