TV's late show isn't lacking for wise guys

E-mail from Down Under

Summer Olympics

September 21, 2000|By Paul McMullen

Australia is like America in so many ways. Everyone complains about the TV coverage of the Olympics. Channel 7 isn't showing nearly enough field hockey, and it missed the start of Susie O'Neill's gold-medal swim in the 200 butterfly. Its late-night show, "The Dream," is a riot, however. Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson make David Letterman and Dennis Miller sound reverent. Slaven is supposed to be the young hip one, and Nelson looks a bit like "Donk," the big local barfly from Crocodile Dundee. They give suggestive names to gymnastics moves, provide a nightly blooper reel and mock all, from coaches to politicians to athletes, who love the show. Michael Klim carried "The Dream" mascot, Fatso the, uh, large-bottomed wombat, onto the medal stand Tuesday. Gladys from Alice Springs wrote Channel 7 to ask for more table tennis. Nelson cued the video and offered his commentary: "Ping. Pong. Ping. Pong. Ping. Pong."-

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