Boy, 11, playing bass in Maryland youth orchestra

Student achiever

September 20, 2000

The student: Kevin McGovern, 11

School: Mount View Middle School

Special achievement: Last year, he was accepted to play the bass in the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra.

What he says about it: "I was the youngest person chosen since I was in elementary school and it was a high school orchestra. I auditioned without even knowing what it was for. Then Mr. Gatto, the director of the orchestra, said, `I want you to be in my orchestra.' I was excited, and my mom was substitute teaching in my school that day and Mr. Gatto told her and that was great."

Activities he enjoys: "At home, I like to build things with Legos and I also practice playing the bass. On Saturdays, I rehearse with the orchestra for four hours at Catonsville Community College. When I grow up, I want to be an inventor."

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