Legislature to get draft of juvenile justice review

September 08, 2000

Maryland's Department of Juvenile Justice will present the legislature with a review of its operations next week, offering its first concrete recommendations for reform since Bishop L. Robinson was appointed to turn around the agency.

The report was ordered by the Joint Chairmen's Committee during the last legislative session after widespread problems were reported with the juvenile justice agency. It will be presented "midweek," according to Bob Kannenberg, a department spokesman.

Robinson, who took over the agency temporarily after its top officials were ousted in December and was permanently appointed in April, will report on problems with personnel, staffing levels, overcrowding of facilities, minority overrepresentation and the status of technology used to track youths.

The report, which was due Sept. 1, is a draft version that will be revised by the department before going to the committee in its final form. The final report is due Nov. 1.

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