Be A 4kids Detective

September 06, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to / detectives / .

* When was Mr. Potato Head "born"?

* Which is the smallest section of the Food Pyramid Guide?

* What does K. Millwood say about kids throwing curve balls?


It's Mr. Potato Head, known and loved the world over. He's so famous and has such "a peel," who knows what he'll be up to. But now you can always "ketchup" with him on the Internet at his officially silly site at / , the animated place to find the random arms and noses of the whole Potato Head family. Flip through the TimeLine and see the goofy contributions of Potato Heads in modern history, from Olympic triumph to movie stardom. At Fun Corner, big kids can make scores of Potato Head faces with a downloadable game.


Whether you're trying to get an "A" in science or want to win the next school track meet, eating right can help you do your very best. At, you'll get all the facts and info you need about how to enjoy good health and nutrition. Soup's on at / . You'll find food pyramid games. Or join DJ and his friends as they teach you about the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet. Yes, even pizza can be good for you. Wondering what's for lunch today? The site has lunch menus for schools across the United States.


From the crack of the bat to the smell of hot dogs, America's favorite summer sport is undeniably baseball. Now kids can keep track at the official site of Major League Baseball at / u / baseball / mlbcom / kids / . Looking for advice on running bases or throwing a curve ball? The site also has plenty of interviews with all-stars, including the legendary Sammy Sosa.

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