"The Jumbo Duct Tape Book," by Jim Berg, Tim Nyberg and...

Editor's Choice

September 03, 2000|By Michael Pakenham

"The Jumbo Duct Tape Book," by Jim Berg, Tim Nyberg and Tony Dierckins (Workman Publishing, 455 pages, $8.95).

If you are not devoted to -- dependant upon -- duct tape, there is something worrisomely unAmerican about you. Now comes a substantial, delightful celebration by a pair of men who call thmselves "The Duct Tape Guys." Some of their ideas are madly fanciful -- but many are practical: repairing damaged trees, sealing toothpaste tubes (or just about anything else), unclogging Velcro, emergency repacking of auto wheel bearings, blade guards, anchoring pet dishes - and a thousand or so others. (To answer that question, the authors contend the magic stuff first and originally was called "duck tape" because of its water-repellent qualities, but was renamed when the construction industry found it useful in installing heating ducts.)

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