Orioles' ups and downs

July 30, 2000|By Joe Strauss

"Limburger cheese" -- UP -- Trade offers that smelled last Tuesday night took on a sweeter fragrance to Syd Thrift by the weekend. Bye bye, Bordick, Timlin, Baines and C.J. The peasants won't storm the Bastille - for now.

The Oak Tree -- UP -- Ray Miller doesn't have Mike Hargrove's resume or clubhouse rapport. But he'll tell you his teams didn't have this record, either.

Albert Belle -- DOWN -- How badly is Belle's left leg hurting? One hundred and seven homer-less at-bats and a hand-timed 4.85-second jog to first on Wednesday's first-inning double play suggest a problem.

John Parrish -- UP -- How precocious can a 22-year-old get? Battles the Yankees. Flashes a dazzling breaking pitch. Takes veteran advice and stiffs the media for 30 minutes (with club approval).

Erickson intrigue -- DOWN -- Scott Erickson's right elbow hits the disabled list for a second time. The Orioles are either to blame for attempting to trade (and pitch) an injured player or for failing to accept any of several offers when they had the chance.

Cal Ripken -- DOWN -- He has a ways to go.

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