Finksburg man arrested, charged with child abuse, indecent exposure


A Finksburg man was arrested Friday on charges of showing pornographic materials to two young girls and asking them to touch his genitals, according to court records.

Scott Odham, 36, of the 2900 block of Cedarhurst Road was charged with two counts of child abuse as a custodian, two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of obscene display to a minor.

Odham was released on $50,000 bail yesterday.

The Sun is not using the names of the girls because of age and the sensitive nature of the allegations.

The girls, 5 and 6, were playing on Odham's back porch when they were asked to enter the house, where they were shown a pornographic movie and pornographic magazines, according to police records. The man in the house touched himself and asked the girls to touch him, police said

The mother of one of the girls called Maryland State Police.

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