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July 23, 2000

25 Years Ago

County History In Preparation -- The Carroll County Bicentennial Committee is in the process of preparing a complete history of Carroll County. Several months ago the committee commissioned Nancy Warner Wilhide to write this new study of the county's past. The author, a lifelong resident of Carroll County, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Warner, of Westminster. A graduate of Western Maryland College in American Studies, she plans to write some 10 chapters for this new history under the pen name of Nancy Warner.

The Community Reporter

July 25, 1975

75 Years Ago

W. Frank Thomas Poisoned by Bee -- While driving to Baltimore in his automobile Wednesday to board his yacht Valleao, in which the Rotary Club of this city had been invited to sail down the Chesapeake Bay, Mr. W. Frank Thomas, this city, was stung on his wrist by a bee. When he reached Pikesville, Mr. Thomas complained to his companion, Mr. Chester Baile of this city, that he was feeling ill and he suggested to Baile that they stop and get a Coca Cola, which they did.

Immediately afterwards, Mr. Thomas became worse and Mr. Baile took him to a doctor's office in Pikesville. The doctor was busy and he and Mr. Thomas had to wait. Suddenly Mr. Thomas fell to the floor of the doctor's office and became unconscious. Mr. Baile pushed open the door of the doctor's private office and demanded that he give Mr. Thomas some attention.

By this time Mr. Thomas's neck and head had swollen terribly and the doctor, finding he could do but little to help Mr. Thomas, had him removed to a Baltimore hospital, where the doctors restored him to consciousness. Yesterday he was brought to his home in this city, and is now apparently all right.

American Sentinel

July 24, 1925

100 Years Ago

Numerous local rains have occurred in this county during the past week, in some instances accompanied by vivid lightning and heavy thunder. The rainfall in some localities was so great that streams overflowed their banks and roads and cornfields were badly washed. One of the severest of these storms passed over Uniontown, Union Bridge, New Windsor and Franklin districts, on Sunday night. The streets of New Windsor were damaged considerably by the flood of water which washed over them. Four cows were killed by lightning on the farm of Mr. Evan Haines, of Uniontown district. Eight hogs were killed by the electric fluid for Mr. George H. Buckey, near Union Bridge, and a valuable horse for Mr. Charles E. Nicodemus, of Franklin district, the Republican member of the Board of Supervisors of Elections.

Streams have been flooded nearly every day during the week, in some section of the county. A fine rain, which seemed to be general, occurred on Thursday.

American Sentinel

July 28, 1900

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