Investment clubs in the U.S. put Intel, Lucent, Home Depot at top

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Want to know the 10 most widely held stocks among the country's investment clubs? They are, in order, Intel Corp., Lucent Technologies Inc., Home Depot Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Merck & Co. Inc., PepsiCo. Inc., Microsoft Corp., AFLAC Corp., Pfizer Inc. and McDonald's Corp. (Better Investing, July)

REIT REWARDS: "Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a good buy now for investors seeking income," says financial planner Madeline Noveck. "REITs own all types of properties and pay out 95 percent of their taxable income to shareholders. Their average yield is almost nine percent. Many REITs are now selling for less than their net asset values."

BOND BLUES: "Short term, the bond `bulls' can enjoy a friendly environment. But they shouldn't hesitate; the time span may be limited. Business might perk up, bringing the Fed back into action - a negative for bonds." (Yamamoto Forecast)

"The economy is likely to slow down over the ... year. Contrary to popular Wall Street lore, that slowdown won't necessarily bode well for bond returns." (Investor Alert)

STOCK WATCH: "A slowing economy - which we expect - will not boost stocks significantly. It will merely fulfill the expectations already in the markets." (Rabbitt's Analytics Strategy)

"Undervalued stocks will require patience, but eventually they will be rewarding investments." (Investment Quality Trends)

"The Nasdaq composite index may trade higher this summer, but will then resume the decline that began in earnest in March." (Bob Brinker's Marketimer)

"Invest with Warren Buffett and ride the coming uptrend in property-casualty insurance stocks." (Personal Finance)

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