The hot corner

July 16, 2000

Quote: "I watched some of the videos of the last time we played and we couldn't get him out. Obviously he's one of the best and I just didn't want to upset him." - Athletics pitcher Gil Heredia of Giants' Barry Bonds, whom he struck out three times

It's a fact: The four homers yielded by Jim Brower are the most allowed by an Indians pitcher in one game at Jacobs Field since the park opened in 1994.

Who's hot: The Dodgers' Gary Sheffield, who had no homers in eight games before the All-Star break, homered for the fourth time in three games since the three-day hiatus. He leads the majors with 31.

Who's not: Third baseman Ed Sprague is 5-for-39 since joining the Red Sox.

On deck: Denny Neagle (Arundel High) will likely make his first start for the Yankees Tuesday.

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