Trashed stock may be prospect for long-term

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Midsummer magazines, newsletters and books carry valuable advice:

"Stocks like Procter & Gamble that plunged on bad earnings can be great buys." (Michael Sivy in Money magazine)

"In any 20-year period, stocks are no riskier than bonds." ("Stocks for the Long Run," by Jeremy Siegel)

"Whenever analysts trash a great company - like Honeywell - it's a great long-term buying opportunity." (Personal Finance)

"Don't cash out your retirement plan when you change jobs. If left alone, that money could compound substantially over time." (Financial Perspectives)

"My bear market strategy: Reduce stocks to 50-60 percent of your portfolio until volatility and the Fed ease up." (David Dreman in Forbes)

"I want name-brand stocks like Cisco Systems Inc. and AOL Inc. that are first or second in their categories." (Charles Castiano, Internet strategist)

"Mutual funds are tax inefficient because redemptions can force a fund to take profits and incur capital gains taxes. Better to build your own portfolio." (Moneypaper)

Japanese stocks trade at 2.3 times book value while U.S. stocks trade at 5.1 times book. This indicates a buying opportunity in Japan. (Barron's)

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