Be a 4Kids Detective

July 12, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* How much can modern North American bison weigh?

* How long was the Wright Brothers' first flight?

* What toy is broken in the story "Alfy's Broken Toy"?


Once considered "lords of the prairie," buffalo are one of this country's most noble, legendary animals. At American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation, you'll learn about how these great mammals were almost wiped out by greedy hunters a century ago. Roam across the Web to and get the lowdown on these beautiful animals. The Spirit of a Nation journey will also take you to South Dakota's Black Hills, where you'll learn about the efforts of Native Americans to restore the bison to millions of acres of tribal lands.


Meet Alfy, a cool pup who knows his way around a computer. Alfy's place is like the neighborhood playground for kids in cyberspace. Skate on over to and see what he's up to today. Slide into the fun with colorful crafts, clever games and silly cartoons. Alfy speaks Spanish and English, so you're sure to be friends right away. Alfy's Surprises features a daily joke and an adopt-a-pet game.


Jump into the high-tech world of the Virtual Smithsonian at You'll find great sites about art, history, music and more. History buffs will love the Remembering Gallery, with exhibits about the Civil War, U.S. presidents and famous inventors. Or brush up on your pop culture.

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