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July 10, 2000|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

How do I delete e-mail without opening it with Netscape? I click the mail icon, and it tells me the names of each e-mail item and the sender. When I try to delete one, the e-mail opens whether I right- click or left-click.

Simply highlight the item and then hit the delete key. You are trying to use the Microsoft Windows convention that responds to a right-click of the mouse by popping up a command box with choices, including delete.

Some software doesn't respond to a Windows-style right-click and instead treats it like a left-click.

I misplaced your column about a download that prevents AOL from knocking customers off-line. Would you please cover this one more time?

I have good news. Download Wonder, your antidote for America Online's hang-up-on-the-customer feature, had been a commercial program, but Forty Software Inc. now offers it free as a lure to visit its Internet site, www.forty.com, where other software is for sale.

This software also checks downloads for viruses and creates a database of all that a user has downloaded.

I disagree with your suggestion to uninstall, then reinstall Outlook Express to again make it your default mail program. In Outlook Express, if you click Tools, then Options, then the General tab, there is an option to Make Outlook Express the default.

You are correct in suggesting that fix for people whose computers get configured for third party e-mail, then decide they want to go back to Microsoft's Outlook Express. While my solution will work, yours is far easier.

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