WMC awards diplomas to many from Carroll

July 09, 2000

Residents of Carroll County were among the approximately 360 students awarded bachelor's degrees and 450 students awarded master's degrees during Western Maryland College's 130th commencement May 20.

Students from Carroll County awarded diplomas were:

Eldersburg: Lindsey M. Drager, B.A., magna cum laude, Departmental Honors in History; Judith M. Fitzsimmons, M.S.; William W. Kane, B.A.; *Catheryn M. Paul, summa cum laude; *Amy D. Stevens, M.S.; Scott M. Vennard, M.L.A.

Finksburg: Melissa L. Keech, M.S.; David R. Sinclair, B.A., Departmental Honors in Graphic Design; Angela M. Weaver, B.A., magna cum laude, Departmental Honors in Biology.

Hampstead: Annette M. Bailey, M.S.; Ryan A. Bowles, B.A.; Laura B. Conner, B.A.; Jeanette E. Frye, B.A., summa cum laude, Departmental Honors in History; Cynthia Y. Holloway, B.A.; Angelica M. Jusino, B.A.; *Joanne S. Manwaring, M.S.; *Kelly A. Martin, M.S.; *Laura J. Newkirk, M.S.; Amy J. Pritchett, B.A., summa cum laude; Jaime M. Rauser, B.A., magna cum laude; David E. Root, B.A.; Michele L. Root, B.A., cum laude; *Lisa M. Young, B.A.

Manchester: Laurel E. Monroe, B.A.; Divonna M. Stebick, M.S.

Marriottsville: Shawna L. Brophy, B.A., magna cum laude; Diane F. Swierzbinski, M.S.

Millers: *Kenneth W. Sanner, M.S.

Mount Airy: Bryce J. Baker, B.A.; William G. Burdt, B.A.; Charles C. Conaway, B.A.; Tami G. Grabowsky, M.S.; Nicholas A. Johnson, B.A., cum laude, College Scholar, Departmental Honors in Economics; Mary D. Manry, M.S.; Jamie L. Meetre, B.A.; Keri A. Phillips, B.A.; Robert M. Schoppert, B.A.; Robert B. Witte, B.A.

New Windsor: Jennifer E. Barnes, M.S.; Darnella L. Cornick, M.S.; Margaret A. Soper, B.A., cum laude.

Reisterstown: Matthew R. Rittler, B.A., summa cum laude, Departmental Honors in Chemistry and Exercise Science.

Sykesville: Michele L. Becker, M.S.; Andrew O. Behr, B.A., cum laude; Jennifer L. Bennett, B.A.; Elizabeth L. Blasi, B.A.; *Kaye L. Breon, M.S.; *David H. Brown, M.S.; *Lisa K. Colona, M.S.; Kathryn E. Crowe, B.A.; Kenneth B. Fischer, B.A., magna cum laude, Departmental Honors in Biology; Amy L. Hampton, M.S.; Carrie L. Klosek, B.A.; Michelle L. Little, M.S.; Kimberly A. Martins, B.A.; Melissa L. Phelps, M.S.; *Michael B. Puskar, B.A.; *Neil R. Steen, M.S.; Joan M. Swiston, M.S.; Scott B. Taylor, B.A.; Ginger L. Thomas, M.S.; *Stephanie A. Tighe, M.S.; Julie R. Voight, M.S.; *Jennifer M. Whalen, B.A., magna cum laude.

Taneytown: *Allison A. Gladden, M.S.; *Lisa M. Hogan, M.S.; Shiloh K. Jeffrey, B.A.; Timothy J. Kulp, B.A.; *Karen L. Stonesifer, M.S.

Union Bridge: Kara E. Oskam, M.S.; *Carroll O. Seiler, M.S.

Uniontown: *Bader A. Al-Dookhi, M.S.

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