Orioles' ups and downs

July 02, 2000|By JOE STRAUSS

Deadline intrigue -- DOWN -- July 7, June 26, July 5 - when does Scott Erickson really gain veto power over any deal? Major League Baseball told the Orioles two dates last Monday, then modified the stance two days later.

Syd Thrift -- EVEN -- Eight months at the helm and VP of baseball ops. Syd Thrift has brought the Orioles Mike Trombley, Buddy Groom, Chuck McElroy, Mark Lewis, Alan Mills and Darren Holmes, assuming significant salary obligations for five relievers. Where's the youth? Even those within the organization wonder what's going on. Brother, can you spare a closer?

The owner -- DOWN -- It's his team. Don't forget it. And his biggest fault lies in hiring incompetents? Sure it does. Maybe they'll play that one on the radio.

Junior -- DOWN -- His back says it's time for injury-rehab Plan B.

Mike Mussina -- UP -- Nothing unusual about his receiving no decision for allowing one earned run in Boston. What's unique is the Orioles may finally be in a talking mood about a contract.

Mike Timlin -- DOWN -- Last Sunday's blowup in Seattle snapped his manager's patience. The role is again up for grabs with Timlin marked down for trade. Don't forget, he's a second-half pitcher.

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