Museum lists those who won fiddlers' contest

July 02, 2000

The Carroll County Farm Museum has announced the winners of its annual Fiddlers' Convention, held last month.

More than 90 entrants competed for more than $3,000 in cash prizes. Winners are:

Old Time Band: Scotia, first; Left Hand Capricorn Band, second; The Side Hill Badgers, third.

Bluegrass Band: Summitt Hill Bluegrass, first; American Standard Bluegrass Band, second; Orchard Boys, third.

Bass: Dee Eller, first; Bob Arbogast, second; Raymond Mummert, third.

Old Time Banjo: Bob Buckingham, first; Patrick McCauley, second; Gary Wayne Walton, third.

Bluegrass Banjo: Brian Vollmer, first; Paul Houck Jr. and Pete Huey, second-place tie; Jeff Mosley, third.

Old Time Fiddle: Roy Tolliver, first; Bill Schmidt, second; Chris Germain and Bob Buckingham, third-place tie.

Bluegrass Fiddle: Nate Leath, first; Brandon Meek, second; Billie Sage, third.

Guitar: Kevin Neioig, first; Robert McConchie, second; Ernie Openshaw and Bill Schmidt, third-place tie.

Mandolin: Merl Johnson, first; Tom Mindte, second; Ken Wise, third.

Dobro: Fred Smoral, first; Terry Restivo, second; Ken Wise, third.

Vocal: Kevin Neidig, first; Carissa Davis, second; Jeff Munsick, third.

Special Instrument: Linda S. Huber, autoharp, first; Dave Kilby, autoharp, second; Emily Martin, tenor banjo, third.

Young Performer: James Baker, first; Patrick McAvinue, second; Clause Martin, third.

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