Fund's record counts, not manager's longevity

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Midyear notes about your money:

MUTUAL MEMO: "Fund performance - not the manager's longevity - is what matters," said Burton Greenwald, fund consultant. "Many managers with long experience performed badly in this bull market. Another warning: If a top-performing manager quits, watch the fund for six months, compare it with similar funds, then decide what to do."

BE ALERT: "Check that your IRA beneficiary designations are properly on file as you approach age 70 1/2 because IRA trustees can lose paperwork on elections made many years ago." (Tax Hotline)

MONEY-SAVER: "Want more money in your pocket? The leading financial information provider locates the highest-paying money market funds and CDs, also lowest-cost mortgages, auto loans and credit cards. It's" (Bottom Line)

BE CAREFUL: "Beware day-trading abuses," says David Nassar, Market Wise Securities. "Few firms make risks known. Most day-traders lose money, and some lose a lot. Some firms have low minimum balances that let people trade daily even though they can't afford losses."

WALL STREET WATCH: "I don't get distracted by the daily fluctuations in the markets. It's an interesting novel in serialization, and I enjoy reading it every day." (Vice President Al Gore, in an interview in Money, July)

"I expect neither a bull nor bear market for the rest of 2000. The best chance for big gains will come from stocks of companies that lead the new wave of technological change." (Elizabeth Bramwell, financial adviser)

"We expect further weakness ahead, but the slowdown will not be smooth." (Klein-Wolman Letter)

"The future of REITS [real estate investment trusts] is bright. With the U.S. enjoying above average economic growth, building occupancy is high and REITS can raise rents." (Personal Finance)

"Technology companies can grow almost regardless of the economy. They are quite volatile, but will bounce back from declines due to their built-in growth." (Smart Money)

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